5 Great Men Whose Bitcoin Price Predictions & Forecasts You Better Know To Invest Smart

Do you want to invest in bitcoin? Or maybe you’ve already invested in it? Either way, check out these bitcoin price predictions because these great men were often right. Their predictions came true before.

Plus, this article is regularly updated with new predictions. So please bookmark it now.

However, this article isn’t a ranking of their influence and probability of their predictions coming true. Rather, it’s a list of their correct past predictions as well as their future predictions. This way you can make a decision about whose bitcoin forecast you want to trust.

Disclosure: this page has affiliate links that may make me money. But the content is objective and trustworthy. Also, keep in mind that this article isn’t an investment advice. It’s purely informational.

2019 Update Of This Article: Latest Bitcoin Price Predictions Of These Titans

1) Mike Novogratz’s latest price prediction is $20,000 or more by 2019.

Here’s what he said about 2019 price on November 5th, 2018:

By the end of the first quarter, we will take out $10,000 and after that, we will go back to new highs — to $20,000 or more.


However, you should take this prediction with a grain of salt. Novogratz’s prediction for end of 2018 wasn’t correct. Here’s what he said about 2018 price on November 5th, 2018:

Bitcoin has to take out $6,800, and after that we could end the year at $8,800-$9,000.


2) John McAfee’s latest statement was a little vague.

He tweeted the following:

Like Novogratz, McAfee hasn’t been always right. So take his prediction with a grain of salt too.

3) Tim Draper’s latest price prediction is $250,000 by 2022.

You can watch the video in which Tim Draper talks about his rationale for this
bitcoin price prediction below. In this Web Summit video recorded on November 6th, 2018, you can also learn predictions of two other titans. The video starts right when they talk about predictions.

In case you watched this video and wondering what bitcoin price was on November 6th, 2018, here’s the answer: about $6,500.

By the way, Tim Draper has been correct more often than any other man on this list.

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Keep in mind that his long-term bitcoin forecast is even more astounding than his 2022 prediction. It’s described a few sections below. So please keep reading this article to find it out.

4) Brian Armstrong’s latest statement was a little vague.

I think it will be quite some time before you cross the street to Starbucks in the U.S. and pay with crypto…


However, he wasn’t totally pessimistic. He also said the following:

This technology is going through a series of bubbles and corrections, and each time it does that, it’s at a new plateau. People’s expectations are all over the map, but real-world adoption has been going up.


5) Kim Dotcom hasn’t made a new prediction since the last one.

So please continue reading this article and you’ll find it out. You’ll also learn other predictions of these great men and some interesting facts about them.

1) Ethereum And Bitcoin Investment Expert Mike Novogratz

Bitcoin Investment Expert Mike Novogratz

He has made more than 250 million dollars trading cryptocurrency. So Bloomberg and other notable publications have quoted him many times. Mike Novogratz has correctly predicted in December 2017 that bitcoin price may drop to $8,000. Here is his tweet from that time:

This ex-hedge fund manager and current member of Wall Street secret society Kappa Beta Phi has been right about every cryptocurrency. This bitcoin investment expert has also correctly predicted in November 2017 ethereum price jump to a new all-time high by the end of 2017. Here is his tweet from that time:

Not only did he predict ethereum all-time high, he also managed to sell it near an all-time high. But even Michael Novogratz could not envision ethereum hitting $1,430 in January 2018. So his net worth could be larger.

He himself talked about how much money he could have made:

If I had literally not sold my Ethereum when it was at $15, I probably would have made–I can’t tell you how much because it would make me sick.

For this reason, many financial analysts recommend investing in bitcoin long-term. Those who invested in bitcoin long-term won big. Here is what Mike Novogratz said about them:

The guys who have done the best are the true believers who don’t have the speculative DNA.

His last price prediction for 2018 is $40,000.

2) John McAfee And His Bitcoin Price Predictions

John McAfee Quote About Bitcoin And The State Security

Like the first man on this list, John McAfee is often quoted in mass media for his bitcoin predictions. But before telling you his predictions, I will tell you some interesting facts about him. So you can decide whether he is the guy you should listen to or not.

His Crazy Life

Before becoming a cybersecurity icon, he worked for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies as a programmer. This was probably the most boring time in his crazy life.

That crazy life included fleeing from law after being accused of murder. That is why the guys in Hollywood have started making a movie about his life in 2017. Johnny Depp himself will play John McAfee. Before becoming notorious, John McAfee was involved in cybersecurity.

He became a cybersecurity icon by founding McAfee Associates. This company created the first commercial antivirus software. Intel bought this company but later renamed it.

This man seems extremely successful. However, you should know that his net worth decreased from $100 million in 2007 to $4 million in 2009. It may have increased though because of his involvement in cryptocurrency and a leadership position in MGT Capital Investments.

This company runs one of the largest US-based Bitcoin mining operations. However, he resigned from that company in January 2018. John McAfee said that he wanted to focus on cryptocurrencies.

However, MGT Capital Investments said that potential investors pressured them to get rid of McAfee. The reason for this may be McAfee’s notoriety, which he himself explained on Twitter:

Notoriety Of John McAfee Explained By Man Himself

If you want to know more about McAfee’s crazy life, please watch the following video:

His Bitcoin Predictions

McAfee’s bitcoin price prediction is even more enthusiastic than Novogratz’s one. Here is what he said on Twitter:

For McAfee’s prediction to come true, bitcoin cryptocurrency must have an annual daily growth of 0.48%. This number is the total annual growth divided by the number of days in a year, calculated from March 2018 to the end of December 2020. This number seems small. But it is enormous compared to the daily growth of traditional assets.

3) Legendary Venture Capitalist And Bitcoin Investment Expert Tim Draper

Bitcoin Investment Expert Tim Draper

He is the founder of two extremely successful venture capital firms. These firms are Draper Associates and Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ). He is also known for his huge bitcoin investment. He has more than 30,000 bitcoins. So please check out details of his accomplishments or skip straight to his bitcoin predictions.

His Accomplishments

Forbes called this man “Silicon Valley Legend”. His track record is indeed impressive.

He has invested in and advised many successful companies. Two of the most successful ones are Skype and Hotmail. There are others as well and some of them became valued at more than one billion dollars.

Media outlets have included Tim Draper in prestigious lists. Two of them are Worth Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful People in Finance and The Forbes Midas List.

He is also well-known in the marketing industry. Many people believe that Jeffrey Rayport and Tim Draper have invented viral marketing in 1996. However, PC User magazine was the first to use this term back in 1989. PC User magazine used this term with a somewhat differing meaning though.

These impressive accomplishments explain his great wealth. His net worth is estimated to be in the ballpark of $1 billion.

Important Bitcoin Investment Lesson You Can Learn From Tim Draper

This great man lost a big part of his bitcoin investment because he stored it on the exchange. At the time of Mt. Gox exchange collapse in 2014, Tim Draper had $250,000 in bitcoin stored there. One bitcoin was worth only $6. So if he moved his bitcoins to his own secure wallet, he would’ve had a lot more money now.

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His Bitcoin Predictions

He correctly predicted in September 2014 that bitcoin price would reach $10,000 in 2017. He made this prediction in an interview with Fox Business.

At the time, the price of one bitcoin was $413. Tim Draper bought his bitcoins a few months earlier at a US Marshals Service auction. This auction was for bitcoins from the Silk Road marketplace website. If he kept bitcoins from that auction, he made a fortune from his 2017 prediction.

This bitcoin investment expert has made other predictions as well. He has not made a bitcoin prediction for the next year though. He has made a long-term bitcoin forecast. It will surprise you.

His Long-Term Bitcoin Forecast

Tim Draper thinks that bitcoin cryptocurrency is the future and fiat money is the past. Here is his quote from February 2018 that shows this:

People ask me, ‘Are you going to sell your bitcoin [for fiat]?’ and I say, ‘Why would I sell the future for the past?’

This bitcoin investment expert even says that no one will be using fiat money in the future. Here is his statement from March 2018:

They’re not going to use fiat. Five years from now, none us of will be… And I think that’s what we’re all going to be using and paying with.

This is a bold bitcoin forecast. If it comes to pass, bitcoin will be worth exponentially more.

If you want to know more about his views on bitcoin future, please watch the video below.

4) Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Like in the last section, I tell you about the man and his accomplishments first. Then I tell you his BTC to USD predictions, including one that has come true.

His Accomplishments

You may not like Coinbase. It is definitely not the best bitcoin exchange. So I don’t like Coinbase either. That is why I wrote an article that lists 5 Best GDAX & Coinbase Alternatives You Need To Know.

But even if you do not like Coinbase, man’s accomplishments are indisputable. Brian Armstrong co-founded the first ever blockchain company that was valued at more than one billion dollars. It received this valuation in 2017, receiving $100 million in new funding.

That puts the amount of money Coinbase has raised to $217 million. This is more than any other blockchain company has ever raised from accredited investors as of 2017. Tell that to pissed customers of Coinbase to make them even more pissed. Please share this article on social media now.

Jokes aside, Forbes has put Brian Armstrong net worth at $1 billion in 2018. That kind of money is definitely no joke. Keep in mind though that Coinbase spokesman called this number “incorrect”. Regardless, by they time you are reading this, he is a billionaire.

His Bitcoin Predictions

This billionaire is not as enthusiastic about bitcoin price as John McAfee. His bitcoin price prediction for 2027 is $100,000. However, he is wildly optimistic about bitcoin’s long-term potential as a store of value. Here is his tweet that shows this:

This bitcoin forecast may seem overly optimistic. However, he correctly predicted 2018 cryptocurrency market crash and its cause. Here is what he said in November 2017:

I would not be surprised if in the next six months or twelve months there’s some enforcement action by the SEC, some of these get slapped pretty hard, and there’s a bit of a correction in the industry…

While 2018 cryptocurrency market correction started earlier than he predicted, regulations played a huge role just like he predicted.

5) Famous Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom

Bitcoin Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom

He is a controversial figure who had run-ins with the law. So please check out juicy details about his Internet companies or skip straight to his bitcoin predictions.

His Internet Companies: MegaUpload And Bitcache

This man is famous for creating MegaUpload. It was the 13th most visited site in the whole world. More than 50,000,000 people visited it everyday.

FBI have seized this file hosting service. Then US Department of Justice filed charges against Kim Dotcom for wire fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and copyright infringement. If you want to know more about this interesting case and see his mansion and cars, please check out the video below:

According to US government, MegaUpload was dedicated to copyright infringement. However, Dotcom claimed that US government was waging war against him on behalf of politically influential Hollywood studios. The legal battle between him and US government continues in 2018. So far he has avoided extradition to US.

In 2018, he is working on Bitcache. This blockchain service will provide bitcoin micropayments and file transfers. It aims to make both file transfers and associated bitcoin micropayments as anonymous as possible. However, the main innovation is not anonymity.

Technology Behind Bitcache

The main innovation behind Bitcache is the technology that makes bitcoin micropayments cheap and fast. Bitcoin payment system itself is not a good fit for micropayments. Congestion on Bitcoin network makes such transactions slow and expensive. Bitcache technology solves this problem.

This technology solves this problem in two ways. First, it breaks each bitcoin into a millionth of one bitcoin. Second, it shifts transactions onto a private sidechain with a second layer payment protocol Lightning. So the congestion on Bitcoin blockchain does not affect Bitcache micropayments.

This service is intended for online content creators. So its target audience are bloggers, YouTubers, media organizations, filmmakers, and musicians. Bitcache will provide them with content sharing widget. Through this widget, people will be able to reward content creators with payments as low as $1.

This widget can be used on many platforms. Weibo, WeChat, iCloud, Dropbox are some of the platforms. Content creators can also embed this widget on their own websites.

According to Kim Dotcom, this widget allows content creators to be paid on any platform. Here is how he explains the technology that allows this:

We have our own file type… So to open [it] you will need one of our apps or third party apps that will use our [application programming interface]. That way we ensure that no matter where your file is hosted, the content owner gets paid.

This company will have an ICO in 2018. However, the release date of company’s product is unknown.

His Bitcoin Predictions

Kim Dotcom is a long-time bitcoin believer. He says that he has told people to buy it long time ago:

He is not as enthusiastic about bitcoin price as John McAfee though. His bitcoin price prediction is much lower. However, he is very optimistic about bitcoin’s long-term potential. Here is his tweet that shows this:

Kim Dotcom does not give a date when he expects bitcoin to reach that price. However, there is an analyst who predicted bitcoin to rise to $100,000. He does give a date for such BTC to USD prediction.

According to that analyst, bitcoin price can be in the range of $50,000 and $100,000 in 2018. The name of that analyst is Kay Van-Petersen. In December 2016, he predicted that bitcoin will be worth $2,000 in 2017. As you know, bitcoin has outperformed his forecast. Whether it will do the same again is uncertain.

Word Of Caution About Bitcoin Price Forecasts

No man was always right. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the greatest leaders were often wrong about things less complex than bitcoin investment. So please take these bitcoin price forecasts with a grain of salt. Also, keep in mind the following investment advice.

Investment Quote About Bitcoin Forecasts

Save your money from your own greed and invest only what you can afford to lose. Or if you have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, invest only what you will not need in the next few years. You would feel great knowing that you and your family have enough money for the next few years no matter what.

Keep in mind the words of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin:

Here’s How You Can Stay Updated On Latest Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2018, 2019, 2020, And Beyond

Latest Bitcoin Price Prediction Graphic

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