Paxful Alternatives: Top 5 Sites & Apps You Need To Know [2021]

These top Paxful alternatives have lots of security and feature outstanding crypto trading. So check ’em out now because they’re exactly what you need.

I did my best to bring you the best crypto exchanges and apps like Paxful. I’ve reviewed many exchanges, as you can see in my best bitcoin exchange reviews list. So I know what I’m talking about when I say that these exchanges are exactly what you need. And you can make the right decision by picking the best Paxful alternative as your choice.

By the way, you’ve made the right decision by Googling for an alternative to Paxful. As you can see from my Paxful review, there are many scammers on Paxful and Paxful’s moderation system is far from perfect. In short, even though Paxful exchange isn’t a scam, some Paxful competitors seem to be a better option.

Their main disadvantage is gone. There was a time (back in 2018) when Paxful didn’t require ID verification; now (in 2021) it does. Thus, Paxful’s advantage over them is gone. Meanwhile, Paxful exchange rates stayed as high as before.

On the subject of ID verification, I think you’ll make the right decision by choosing a centralized bitcoin exchange. There’s only one exception to this rule. That exception is the number two alternative. But for the most part, that rule holds true because peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges have become like centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Indeed, P2P exchanges like Paxful (LocalBitcoins, for example) have lost their advantage. Just like centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (Kraken, for example), they started requiring ID verification. For that reason, peer to peer marketplaces became similar to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Their main difference seems to be that the seller may be a scammer. And I don’t think you wanna be dealing with a scammer. So please avoid them, bro.

Disclosure: this page has affiliate links that may make me money. But the content is objective and trustworthy because it objectively discusses each of the alternatives and explains their downsides.

1) The Best Paxful Alternative: Paybis

Best Paxful Alternative Paybis

That’s the most well-reviewed cryptocurrency exchange I found. It has outstanding core features and excellent customer support.

Plus, the fee is low if you’re using bank transfer. Credit and debit card fees are relatively high, but the first transaction you make will be free from Paybis fee.

Plus, it offers good security features that include two factor authentication. In short, selling bitcoins there is safe.

The only downside is that Paybis lacks a mobile app. But it has a slick, user-friendly mobile website. So buying and selling crypto there is a breeze.

In short, Paybis is the best Paxful alternative. Feel free to use Paybis unless you live in Hawaii or New York where it’s unavailable. For more details, please check out my Paybis review. Or if you feel confident, please visit now.

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2) Great Paxful Alternative For A Privacy-Conscious Person

Luckily, there’s still a bitcoin exchange that doesn’t requires ID verification. You only need to give that exchange your email and phone number to buy bitcoin. The name of that exchange is BitQuick. It’s quick just like its name suggests. So selling bitcoins there is both easy and fast because its key features work like a breeze.

Plus, it’s one of Paxful alternatives on Reddit, along with LocalBitcoins and Bisq. All three of these are P2P bitcoin marketplaces. I personally prefer BitQuick. There are good reasons I like this exchange.

This exchange allows you to buy bitcoin without ID for purchases of less than 400 US dollars. Thus, it’s definitely better than Paxful for small bitcoin purchases.

It’s also better than Paxful because it lacks payment methods susceptible to scams. On Paxful, scammers often use PayPal to defraud others with a chargeback scam. On BitQuick, on the other hand, it’s simply impossible. That’s so because Bitquick supports only cash deposits, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

Moreover, BitQuick is safe because it has an excellent secured escrow system that has worked well since 2013. Plus, it has an easy-to-use interface you’ll enjoy. Please see more details in my BitQuick review or visit this exchange now.

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3) CEX.IO: One Of The Good Apps Like Paxful

Another good alternative to Paxful is CEX.IO. However, it’s slower than both BitQuick and Paybis. It takes long time to verify you. But then you can easily buy bitcoin in a good way. It’s a legitimate exchange with good crypto trading features.

This crypto exchange has government registrations. In USA, it’s registered with The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a money services business. In UK, where it has physical location, it’s registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller.

Security and payment methods are another good thing. It offers good security features and many payment methods. Some of these payment methods accept local currencies. So you may be able to pay with your local currency.

This exchange offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. You may be especially interested in CEX.IO app if you Googled “apps like Paxful” because CEX.IO app is definitely better. It offers a fully-fledged crypto trading platform you’ll like.

For more details, you can read my comprehensive CEX.IO review that focuses on the exchange as a whole. If you’re interested in the mobile app, you can read my review of CEX.IO iOS app.

4) Binance: Good Alternative For Traders

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily volume. Thus, Binance founder and his team must be doing something right. That’s especially so because they founded Binance in 2017. In other words, they founded Binance five years later after Coinbase was founded. But Binance grew so fast that its daily volume (as of August 2021) is eight and a half times that of Coinbase, which is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange.

If you plan to frequently trade cryptocurrencies, Binance is a good choice. Its offers fast and intuitive trading experience that allows the use of trading bots. And its trading site works well even during record highs and record lows. So you can be selling crypto when it’s the most profitable time to do so.

You can also trade from Binance mobile apps. Like CEX.IO, it offers both Android and iOS apps. It even offers desktop apps for Linux and Windows. On top of that, Binance offers an app for macOS. In short, Binance has a native app with trading platform for every major device.

Plus, it offers 384 coins. That huge number of coins is the main advantage of Binance over other options in this list. But if you’re interested only in bitcoin or ethereum, it’s not much of an advantage, so feel free to use other alternatives.

In short, if you’re interested in altcoins and trading, Binance is likely your top choice. But it has some downsides as well. For that reason, please check out my Binance review if you’re seriously considering Binance exchange.

5) Yet Another One Of Paxful Alternatives Coinmama

This exchange has been in business since 2013. Yet it has fewer complaints than many exchanges of comparable age.

It’s best to pick an exchange with many years of operation. It’s the right decision. Track record is important. That’s why stay away from newer exchanges. Coinmama and older exchanges are more trustworthy. Trade bitcoin at one of them.

Plus, Coinmama has a simple and easy-to-use interface. In short, it’s a beginner-friendly exchange with somewhat good reputation. But it has serious disadvantages, which is why it’s number five in this list. You can read about these disadvantages and other aspects of this crypto exchange in my Coinmama review.

Other Paxful Alternatives

Some other alternatives are xCoins, OKCoin, Kucoin, LocalCoinSwap, Uphold, Sinegy, EXMO, and Bitfinex. The most prominent of these is Bitfinex. It’s the most well-known one. However, KuCoin has a larger daily trading volume. But my two best Paxful alternatives are much better, so make the right decision by choosing either or BitQuick.


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